Monday, March 5, 2012

Teenage Heartthrob Blogfest and WIP: The Movie

Well, there was absolutely no way I could resist doing this blogfest. Thanks to Emily, Sarah and Vic for hosting it. I was that teenage girl who had a crush on EVERYONE, so restricting this list to just seven is going to be incredibly difficult. But here goes:

  1. Dream Street

    Oh, yeah, this was who my teenage heart beat for. I must have had five or six different posters on my walls, including one that was signed to a friend who gave it to me when she found out how much I liked them. I nearly wore out their CD, and I'm fairly confident everyone in my family knows all the words to it. I saw every video (including the really, really bad movie) and all the songs that weren't released because they never had a second CD. And, yeah, I may have cried a little when they broke up.

    P.S. My favorites were Matt and Jesse.

  2. Rider Strong

    I've actually been watching Boy Meets World again recently because I apparently don't remember any of the episodes, and I still remember the way my girlish heart fluttered over Sean. I usually wasn't into the "bad boys," but Sean had the heart of gold to go with it. Plus the leather jacket. I did like the leather jacket.

  3. Rupert Grint

    Now, I will admit that my crush on Rupert probably had more to do with my crush on Ron Weasley than anything else, but there was still something about the awkward redhead who was loyal beyond all measure. Also, there's a strong possibility I just like redheads.

  4. Joshua Jackson

    Now, I've never played real hockey, but I always wanted to be a Duck. My brother and I used to play in our upstairs hallway with socks, then outside once we got older with a baseball mitt for the goalie. And I was always Charlie, because Charlie was the best of all the characters. He wasn't the best player, but he came through when they needed him, and later he proved that he was also willing to make sacrifices for the good of the team (I'm starting to see a pattern with my choices).

  5. Aaron Carter

    While girls in my middle school fought over Nick, I was far more interested in the younger Carter brother (not that I WASN'T into Nick, of course). He was carefree, he could do crazy gymnastics, and his music was fun and happy.

  6. Devon Sawa

    I must have watched Now & Then a dozen times growing up (and Casper a fair few as well), and I still got that warm, fuzzy feeling every time Scott and Roberta kissed after playing basketball. I think that was probably my first introduction into the wide world of on-screen romance, and the first time I realized I really like on-screen romance. ^-^

  7. Zac Hanson

    I almost went with an older picture of him here because he's very little in this. But I was very little when I had a crush on him (this may have been the pre-teen years really), so it was okay at the time. He's actually older than me, so I don't feel bad about this. But, again, while all the girls swooned over his older brother, I was deeply in love with the youngest Hanson... for no real reason that I can think of. Looking back, I can't remember what I found attractive, but apparently it was enough to make me buy the CD and the book about their life story.

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  1. Rider Strong and Joshua Jackson are very popular choices today! :D

    1. Oh, and thanks for promoting the blog fest!

  2. Joshua Jackson, Rider Strong and Devon Sawa made my list too :) I love the Joshua Jackson pic- been a fan from the first Mighty Duck movie! One of my BFF's was obsessed with Zac Hanson. Every inch of her walls and ceilings were covered with pictures of him. I still remember the day when she moved on and I helped her take every single picture down. It took forever!

  3. I grew up in a I don't really know who any of those people are. I never really thought I missed out by not watching/having access to tv...but maybe I did.

  4. This would have been awesome to join in on (curse my busyness). Very cool list. I knew many girls who swooned to their charms. :)

  5. Oh Devon Sawa, I love you!

    Joshua Jackson, you stole my heart on Dawson's Creek. Though, your taste in women totally sucked on that show. You should've stuck with Andy... or found me instead. :)

    Aaron Carter, write a song for me? Please???

  6. Yay for Joshua Jackson! I still love him. Because he's still really attractive

  7. Look at cute little Joshua Jackson :) He's certainly nice to look at now ;)

  8. Ever since watching The Mighty Ducks I've had a thing for Joshua Jackson. Love him!

  9. Quite a few Joshua Jackson shout outs in this fest.

  10. I had Aaron Carters Cds and would listen to them over and over lol. I find Rider Strong in a couple of these including my own :)

  11. Rupert is so cute-I have a weakness for redheads. I'm #5 on the hop, stop by if you like-I wrote about real life crushes. Yipes.

  12. I had Joshua Jackson on my alternates list from his Dawson Creek days. :)

  13. Omg, I forgot about the Hanson brothers!!
    Great list you have here ;)

  14. Rider Strong. :) I wonder what ever happened to him.

  15. Devon Sawa!!! I LOVED him! Now and Then was the best movie. I loved Casper as well. And Joshua Jackson, too! Oh, the memories. Thanks for the fun post! :D

  16. mmmm, Joshua Jackson. I'm so glad he is one of the normal child stars and is still hot.