Wednesday, June 6, 2012

100 Twitter Followers Giveaway!

You guys have no idea how excited I am to have reached 100 followers on Twitter. Well, that's probably not true, since I imagine everyone else feels pretty much the same way when they hit 100 followers. But still... I'm excited.

And I'm really grateful to all the people who've accepted me so quickly and easily into the blogging community. I wanted to give a shout out to a few really awesome people who made me feel welcome and way less awkward when I first started blogging (all those four months ago): K.S. Lewis, Emily R. King, Kyra Lennon, Cassie Mae, Rebecca Belliston, Leigh Covington, and McKenzie McCann. It's nowhere near a complete list of the wonderful friends I've made, and I appreciate every one of you.

SO in the spirit of that appreciation, I'm giving away two ebooks! The first is K.S. Lewis's The Eternal Queen.

Here's a quick summary from the Facebook page:

Eternal Queen Anastasia has been kidnapped from her own Rebirth Ceremony – not that the seven Royal Lords will let anyone know. Though they, themselves, soon start dropping like flies, as rumors spread on the suspicious whispers of the people. Mrs. Deedly and Mrs. Dummley – who are absolutely not sisters – just want to find what their long, unwieldy scarf has snagged during their walk through Lower Rung. It's a boot, attached to a foot, attached to a dying man in the cemetery. At the same time, Bogart Bugly of Rainbow Tower has found himself a young, injured, gem of a girl, and he's going to make gold on this one. In the Palace, the newly promoted Lord Septimus has his own ideas about the future of the city and its Queen.

Mystery, murder, and mayhem all abound in The Eternal Queen, which follows a young girl named Red, a mischievous rogue named Wolf, and the determined new Lord who calls himself Hunter. As Red opens her eyes to a world she can't quite understand, she must come to terms with the Queen, the city, and the precarious relationship the two have shared for centuries.

The second book I'm giving away is Jeanne Donnelly's Soul Mates: A different kind of Love Story (edited by Shannon Donnelly).

And here's the blurb from her website:
After a tragic death on mean city streets, a woman meets God and begs him to let her reincarnate to bring the heavenly message of unconditional love to the world. Follow the adventure when she is tossed back to earth as one of the smallest dogs on the planet.

There will be two winners, one for each book. In the Rafflecopter entry thing, you can specify whether you want a specific book or either (in case you've already read one of them), and I'll randomly choose. June 13th is the last day to enter the drawing.

And while you're waiting, check out the authors' blogs: Adjective, Not a Noun (K.S. Lewis) and One Aimless Writer (Jeanne Donnelly). They are both amazing women who wrote fantastic, engaging books. Good luck!

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  1. Ooh, come on Rafflecopter... pick me!

    Congrats on your followers and yay for a shout out! Made me feel very hunky dory special :D

  2. Congrats on the followers, and thank you for the mention! I guess we started blogging around the same time! :D

  3. Congratulations! And I can't believe I wasn't already following you on Twitter! I am now. :)

  4. Those books sound cool. Nice contest and congrats on the followers! :)

  5. Congratulations on the followers Tobi! That's awesome. What a fun giveaway!

  6. 100! Yahoo. Thanks for the mention. I could say the same in reverse, though. ;)

  7. How did I MISS THIS? Thanks for the shout out, and congrats to the winners! I love following you on Twitter. You're so funny. Your tweets make me laugh often. :)