Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Wrap Up

Happy "It's Not A-Z" Day, everyone! No, in all seriousness, I had a great time doing A-Z, but I'm ready for a more relaxing May. I'll still be around, but I definitely need to devote some more time to my personal writing. Over half my total words for April were blog posts. I'd like that to be a little smaller of a percentage for this month.

Looking at my April goals:

  • Continue writing 1000 words/day, half of them for Defenders. I did write over 21,000 words (1000 words/weekday), which was good, but I only wrote 6235 of them for Defenders. This probably would have been higher if I hadn't just stopped writing Defenders with a week left to the month.
  • Send a mostly edited draft of CH to my beta readers and finish rough draft of query letter and synopsis. Again, I did a little over half of this. I sent my edited draft to my beta readers (and got a shiny reward and my first feedback from one of them. And I have a (very) rough draft of my query letter (which I wrote today), but not my synopsis.
  • Get 75 followers on Twitter and 60 followers on my blog. Right now I have 83 followers on Twitter (*happy squeal*) and 54 followers on my blog.
  • Submit at least two short stories to magazines and/or contests. Continue writing flash fiction every week. No. Well, I wrote the flash fiction.
  • Complete A-Z Blogging Challenge. Yes.

And now I need some new goals for May:

  • Write 23,000 words. Keeping on track with 1000 words/weekday. I think I'm going to take a temporary hiatus with Defenders and focus my attention on Bex's novel because, frankly, it's a lot more fun. It'd be nice to write something that doesn't make me feel like I'm clawing my way through quicksand for a change.
  • Have a polished MS for CH, along with a complete query letter and synopsis. I will be (read: want to be) querying agents for CH in June, so I need to finish all the prep work by the end of the month. Perhaps I'll even come up with a title for the first book at some point.
  • Get 100 followers on Twitter (at which point I might have a giveaway) and 65 followers on my blog.
  • Submit at least one short story to a magazine or contest. Continue writing flash fiction every week. I'm lowering my expectations for this one. If push comes to shove, I'd rather fall short of this goal than my daily writing or my goals for CH.
  • Enter at least two bloghops. Right now I'm planning to do the Dust It Off Bloghop and the First Loves Blogfest.

I've been more productive in four months of this year than in 20+ years before this, so I'm trying to stay optimistic about keeping it up.

Anybody got any goals they're trying to stick with? Good luck with all of them!


  1. You did a pretty good job with your goals last month! Good luck with May's goals!

    My goals? Read some books! The A-Z Challenge zapped my reading time, so I need to fix that. Also, I need to make sure my WIP is edited and ready for my (as yet almost completely non-existent) CPs! :D

  2. Look at you go! Is it weird I have no idea if I follow you on twitter or not? I never go over there, lol.

    I'm gonna be reading this month too. I've rechecked out the books from the library about 4 times now. I better actually read them, lol.

  3. Umm, I feel like a total slacker for April. Does it count that I read like 15 books?

    Congrats on achieving so many goals. You're an inspiration, Tobi!