Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm Thankful for My Readers


It's been a really long couple of weeks, guys.

I knew I was missing this bloghop as it was happening, but between the no power, the traveling, and now the no internet at home thing, I couldn't seem to buckle down enough to write anything. So I'm going with the better late than never philosophy, especially since this I have some amazing people who deserve to be thanked. So... it's not creative, but since I missed the judging part anyway, I'm going with the laundry list-style thank yous here.

First and foremost, K.S. Lewis. She's been my CP, cheerleader, Writer's Block Anonymous sponsor, therapist, and many, many more things in the ten years we've known each other. She's awesome, and she never tells me to shut up or stop whining, and she listens to me complain all day about my MC and all her idiosyncrasies, and I'm pretty sure she's read Capitoline Hill about four or five times all the way through. I seriously couldn't ask for a better CP.

Next, my newest beta reader, Vikki. With impeccable timing, she emailed me a few weeks before I finished the latest round of edits on CH, just about the time I was starting to wonder where I could find a set of fresh eyes to read it through for me. And then she read it in about three days and sent back emails full of capital letters and exclamation points. She's listened to all of my most recent ideas and offered wonderful advice that I've completely ignored when my pinball-machine mind bounces to a new story, and I always feel really good about my writing after I'm done talking to her.

Tedra: I met Tedra through one of Falling for Fiction's Beta Mixers. She read through CH with a fine-tooth comb, sending me back four separate documents full of comments. She even caught the continuity errors that no one else noticed (really big ones too; I felt pretty blind for not seeing them). I really appreciate all the time she put in to helping me make it the best book it can be.

And last but not least, my family. They've all (with the exception of my brother, who's waiting me to send him the latest version) read CH and offered their comments, critiques, and opinions, and I appreciate each one so much (even when I argue with them!).

And thanks to everyone who's read/reading my blog, and who's supporting me as I look for agents, and who will hopefully get a chance to read this book! Thank you guys so much for everything!


  1. Thank you for joining in the hop and thank you so much for the thanks. Hugs! I am glad my emails help :)

  2. I'm glad you're still in one piece! Sounds like you have some amazing CPs, and it's cool that you get such great input and support from your family. Only my wife has read my stuff, and while she offers brilliant advice, it's a cringefest handing her anything!

    I've tagged you with the "U Got the Look" meme. Head over to my blog for the details. :)