Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh, My Hero! Blog Hop

Also, today's Jaycee DeLorenzo's and Victoria Smith's Oh, My Hero! Bloghop. The rules are here.

I'm doing two heroes because I couldn't decide. They're from my newest project, the untitled Bex Addison book (I'm really bad at coming up with titles). Basically, it's set ten years after scientists figure out how to bottle and sell magic. Once they discover how volatile it is, they ban it, which immediately makes it the hottest drug on the market. Bex is part of the Magical Law Enforcement Team, tasked with tracking down cartels and dangerous Burn-Outs and eliminating the threat.

My heroes today are her partner on the force, Adrian McCoy.

And the leader of her undercover operation, Greyson Westfield.

Tobi Summers: Hello, gentlemen. How are you today?
Adrian McCoy: Not too shabby. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and a little less magic is on the street thanks to us.
Greyson Westfield: Sure, what he said.

TS: Let's start with an easy one. How would you describe Bex?
AM: Hah! That's an easy one? I guess I'd say she's tough.
GW: Definitely tough. But she's multifaceted. Sometimes she can be... sweet.
AM: She'd kick your ass for suggesting that.
GW: Oh, absolutely. But she has her moments. She's the kind of woman who'll nurse you back to health after you take a bullet. Then she'll kill you for scaring her.

TS: I'm telling her you said that. So, next question: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Both [in unison]: No.
AM: I think there's lust at first sight, and maybe even a connection. But love, real love, takes time to grow. I met my wife almost 20 years before we got married. We had a spark, but it took both of us maturing and growing--both separately and together--before we really fell in love.
GW: How can you love someone before you ever even have a conversation?

TS: Good points, both of you. Now then, what's your favorite pastime? Besides work, that is.
GW: There's life outside of work?
AM: I was just thinking that. Alright, my favorite pastime is... being married.
GW: *fake gag* You're such a sap.
TS: Aw, cut him a break, Grey. It's only been six months. Plenty of time left for him to become disillusioned.
AM: Ha ha. You're both regular laugh riots.
TS: Grey?
GW: Well, I play football with the boys every once in awhile.
AM: Hey! You've never invited me to play football with you.
GW: Chill, man. I haven't played since we got back.
AM: Oh.
TS: Anything else?
GW: *shrug* Sometimes I draw too.

TS: What your favorite movie?
AM: True Grit. The original one, with John Wayne.
GW: Surprise, surprise.
AM: Hey, I know quality. What's yours?
GW: I don't watch movies.
AM: That's such bull. I've watched movies with you!
GW: Alright, alright. I like The Usual Suspects.
AM: Don't lie; you have a thing for French cinema.
GW: I told you that in confidence!

TS: Alright, last question. What is the first thing you notice about a woman that you find attractive?
AM: Eyes. Haha, Grey's got pretty eyes. *pinches GW's cheek*
GW: *swats hand* You're such a weirdo. I notice... I don't know. A woman has to be special to catch my attention. She's got to have... she has to have the It factor. I like a good rack or a nice ass as much as the next guy, but it's more than that. Deeper.
TS: *tearing up* I'm going to tell Bex you said that too.
AM: And this is why it's so obvious that you like French cinema.


  1. Love your boys! Great camaraderie between them, and they both sound super cool!

  2. Was I supposed to be able to concentrate on the writing after the pics??

    Kidding - that was fun.

  3. I love how you used two boys! That was great :)

  4. Okay, this premise sounds really cool! And your picks for Greyson and Adrian... YES!!!! ;)

  5. You're such a weirdo! <-- Favorite line!

    Great camaraderie and energy bouncing between them, and your concept sounds awesome!

    Thanks for participating!

  6. Wow. I've met a lot of creative writers out there, but you just might take the cake Tobi. Black market bottled magic?

    Your characters are hilarious to read. I can only imagine how they interact in the story.

  7. Definitely a clever plot, and I loved the banter between your heroes. Great interview! :D

  8. I like their voices, and the premise of your book sounds awesome!

  9. Loved the premise for your story, and the banter between the two guys. This was a lot of fun to read. :) They are dreamy!


  10. I love the premise of your book. It's unique and something I would totally read. Add the hilarity of your characters and their good looks, a must read.

  11. Haha! I love these guys' interaction! They play off of each other sooo well and they keep magic at bay which is always hot! Great post and thanks for joining the hop!